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The Secrets of Sleeping Well – Without Neck Pain

With neck pain, sleep doesn’t come easy. You toss and turn all night long as your body searches for the most comfortable position. You may end up with some relief after finally falling asleep, but usually upon awakening, you still have to deal with muscle stiffness. This stiffness then may loosen up somewhat in the shower, but during the day the pain in the neck returns. This endless cycle will end up degrading your health as you lose more and more sleep, lose your charming personality and become irritable from pain, and contribute to additional stress in your life.

You must interrupt the cycle of pain, lack of sleep, personality changes and stress to get your life back and experience neck pain relief!

The big question is how…

Below are three secrets that can begin reducing your pain in the neck over time.

Pain Secret # 1: Know the Problem You’re Dealing With

To stop the pain and start getting a good night’s sleep, one of the first things to do is to know why you have the pain. An evaluation with different types of doctors will provide this answer; a General Practitioner can do an examination and then refer you to a neurologist, if necessary.

Banish Neck Pain With The ‘Super-Support Pillows For Neck Pain’

Similarly, don’t forget to visit your chiropractor, who is well versed in muscle, bone and nerve issues, and is a specialist in neck pain. Obtain the neck pain treatment you need and fix the problem.

Pain Secret #: Check Your Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment, specifically your pillow, can contribute to creating or reducing pain in the neck.

Banish Neck Pain With The ‘Super-Support Pillows For Neck Pain’

Research has found that by changing the pillow you have, to one that is more ergonomically correct for your neck, you can experience significant neck pain relief.

For example, Australian researchers found that changing to contour shaped pillows reduced neck pain, improved sleep quality and pillow comfort over regular-shaped pillows.  Canadian researchers discovered that a semi-customized cervical pillow reduced the intensity of pain in the neck, especially in the morning, when compared to conventional pillows.

Swedish researchers tested six different neck pillows with different shapes and consistencies in search of the Holy Grail of pillows.

They concluded that an ideal pillow is soft, not too high, provides neck support and is allergy-tested.

Firm support for the natural curve in the neck was also important in reducing pain in the neck.

U.S. researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine tested a conventional pillow, roll pillow and memory foam support pillow in their study. They discovered that the memory foam pillow faired the best, significantly reducing the intensity of pain in the neck in the morning, and improved the quality of sleep. The foam based pillow also increased pain relief.

Banish Neck Pain With The ‘Super-Support Pillows For Neck Pain’

All these researchers agree on one finding: changing your pillow can change your life in regards to neck pain. Try it and see for yourself!

Pain Secret # 3: Posture Check

Check your posture during the day by engaging a co-worker or family member to check on your posture at hourly intervals. Often we don’t realize that we are slouching, which contributes greatly to pain in the neck by straining muscles. A strained muscle is a hurting muscle because it is constantly firing nerve impulses! Readjust your posture as soon as you realize it is not upright.

Take heed of these secrets and you should soon see a reduction in neck pain.

Try The Super-Support Pillows For Neck Pain

Try The Super-Support Pillows For Neck Pain

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