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7 Common Neck Pain Causes

When you have neck pain, it’s difficult to think straight. And sometimes that inability to focus interferes with getting to the bottom of the issue. It becomes difficult to even think about why you could possibly have neck pain and stiffness.

That’s why it’s important to be able to view a list of possible reasons that people develop neck problems. Upon viewing the list, ask yourself if each item on the list could possibly be related to your neck pain and stiffness.

You may also want to seriously consider each and every item on the list for a day or so, just to either rule it out or rule it in as a possible culprit for what’s been making your life miserable.

Ergonomic problems
This one basically means that your posture while sitting at your desk or while standing or lying in bed is not perfect. The stress and strain on the bones, muscles, and ligaments from poor posture is enough to cause neck pain and stiffness.

Whiplash injury to your neck
Whiplash injury can be caused from car accidents. Less known causes of whiplash can include sudden movement of the neck in any direction and shaking or moving the head fast to get long hair out of the way. Humans aren’t made to shake like a dog! Neck pain and stiffness is another reason and is common after a car accident from whiplash and may not set in until the second day after the accident.

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This medical issue involves calcifications on the bones of the vertebrae that interfere with how that vertebrae moves. Osteoarthritis in the neck is notorious for causing neck problems.

Neck strain.
If the muscles of the neck are weak, even simple activities such as carrying a shoulder bag can induce neck problems.

Rheumatoid arthritis
This disease is one that can affect many different parts of the body. The neck is commonly affected.

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Disc disorders
Disc herniations are notorious for causing neck problems and include other issues such as vertigo, pains that travel down the arms and to the fingers, and weakness in the muscles of the arms, forearms, hands and fingers.

If there is a weakness that has been established in the neck, that area is vulnerable to infection or can be a source of pain when there is an infection. Once an infection becomes established in the body, it can activate inflammation in weakened body parts.

Ergonomic problems are usually the most common cause of neck pain and stiffness and it’s a good idea to check how your sitting and sleeping. Improve your posture and often this can greatly help improve your pain.

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